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I am a video editor

I have always loved helping and bringing joy to others behind the scene, finding my way of creativity through editing. Through my curiosity, I taught myself various editing programs, starting with Windows Movie Maker to Adobe Premiere Pro. From making movie parodies with family like Rush Hour to directing and editing school English projects, I enjoyed creatively working with others through media. Continuing into university, I specialized in Psychology while maintaining my interest in the world of film, constantly looking for new projects to edit. Once the pandemic hit, I graduated and decided to turn my hobby into a career.

In my first two years, I have continuously worked on internationally known franchises including Big Brother Canada and Bachelor in Paradise Canada while constantly looking for more ways to creatively grow. I believe everyone deserves to have their story heard and I am passionate about creating more BIPOC stories using film and music.

I am looking to collaborate with others (in person or remote), and work on projects that can continuously inspire others and create a platform for those that feel unheard (especially to all the rare and shy kids at heart). I hope to grow through each project in both skills and knowledge, learning more about others and their stories.

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